DIY Project – Enjoy!

I’ve come across this nice paper cutlery set in a decoration shop so I did this small DIY project today.

Somehow I must have been thinking about Italian food when choosing the colours…

Woodcut Still Life

I really love still lives. This woodcut was done combining some details of my sketches.
I liked some parts of the finished print so much that I also did some smaller prints on gift tags.

Mini Landscape Sketches

I love small formats when it comes to sketching.

You can do such pencil sketches very quickly and easily, not caring too much about accuracy of details.

These sketches were done with soft pastel drawing pencils after an inspirational journey through Scotland…

Cutting Wood Again…

I don’t know why but I like some of my travelling pictures so much that I want to turn them into a print. That’s what I did with this picture of Loch Lomond, which was taken during our trip to Scotland. I liked the wild, unspoilt nature there a lot.

I’m quite happy with this woodcut, especially how the two plates and colours mix.

Snow, Lake and Mountains

It’s early May but some mountain tops are still covered with a small layer of snow…but as soon as you walk down to the valley the warm spring sunshine is awaiting you!


Printing on Gift Tags

I bought these cute little gift tags and printed with some of my floral printing blocks on them.

I especially like the black and white flower series…

Mountains in Spring

On this warm spring day I went on the first hiking tour of the season.

The region we went to is of immense natural beauty with its deep blue lakes and  snow-capped mountains.

It also has a tradition of salt-mining from which it derived its name “Salzkammergut”.