Mountains in Spring

On this warm spring day I went on the first hiking tour of the season.

The region we went to is of immense natural beauty with its deep blue lakes and  snow-capped mountains.

It also has a tradition of salt-mining from which it derived its name “Salzkammergut”.

DIY Printing Ideas

Using this small sketch of a flower as inspiration I did these printing projects -some nice greeting cards and a small gift bag…



Still a Nice Still Life

When I found this old lino plate which I was not quite happy with, I decided to cut away as much as possible and leave only the basic objects of the still life on the plate.

Now I like it somehow better than before…


Wild Beauty of Nature

While I was walking around my favourite lake “Eibensee” near my home town today I took some pictures of the blooming nature.

These flowers might not be as colourful and lush like  tulips or roses, but they have their own wild beauty.

If you wonder about the bottle cap, this seems to be a remnant of someone’s picnic at the lake including typical Austrian beer…:-)


Blue Flowers

Since spring has finally arrived, I want to do a new series of linocut prints of flowers and plants. Here are my first ideas:

From Printing to Pattern Design

I’ve always been fascinating by patterns, maybe that’s why I’m so into printmaking and the patterns you can create by for example overlapping colours.

So I made these patterns out of some of my favourite prints.