Sunshine and Snow

I took up ski mountaineering some years ago. What I love about this sport is that you can beat the crowds of the big ski resorts and walk up your own way through the wintery forest covered with deep powder snow.

On my way up I often stop to take some pictures. Here are the ones I took yesterday:



Cutting into Wood

Last week I bought some wooden panels and did my first woodcuts.

If you choose a soft wood like limetree, cutting into wood doesn’t require much more strength than cutting into a lino plate.

You can also use linocut colours for printing.

Here are the first results:


Pastel Pictures

I rediscovered pastel drawing pencils and did these small pictures with them.

They should also serve as inspiration sketches for a series of woodcuts I want to do.

Let’s see how that’s going to work out…


Small Pastel Sketches

I did these small sketches with soft pastel drawing pencils using my macro photographs as a source of inspiration.

I guess they will also look nice as a series of small-scale prints…


Frozen World

It has been snowing recently, not much though, but a bit at least.

Walking along a small creek I took these pictures of some minor details of the wintery landscape…

Small is Beautiful

Having bought a macro lens for my camera, I wanted to try it out as soon as possible.

This winter holiday we’re not going anywhere so we have just been walking around taking pictures of the beautiful nature surrounding as here in Austria.

Nature’s beauty can be seen in every little detail…


Last Warm Days Before Winter

It’s December but it still feels like the end of October when you look at these pictures. There is not much snow yet but a bit of dew and some last warm rays of the sun…