Highlights of Turkey

We have just returned from a round trip through Turkey.

It’s incredible what this country has to offer – beautiful idyllic landscapes, the clear blue Mediterranean sea, interesting lively cities, remains of ancient settlements as well as the friendly locals and their relaxed lifestyle.

Everyone interested in history, geography or art should go there at least once…

Here are just some impressions:




Small Prints

Drawing is nice but printing is even nicer…

So I turned some of my sketches into small linocut prints. I also added parts of nice Japanese paper to some of the prints.

I like the collage-like look of them.


Seeing the World from Above

Today I took a day off to go hiking, take some lovely pictures and enjoy the beauty of nature.

On my way through the forest, I came across the ruin of an medieval castle. What a romantic place!

Sketches of Nature

I haven’t had much time for art recently but I did have some time to do these small sketches of the plants and objects on my terrace.

They were done quickly and without taking much effort but I like them somehow…

Small Pencil Drawings

It’s been quite a while since I last found the time to do some creative work because I’ve been teaching a lot of courses recently.

Nevertheless, here are some small drawings of little everyday objects and plants.

I made them using graphite and colour pencils.

I like to use a kneaded eraser to remove parts of the drawing before going over the part with colour pencils again.

A Journey to the Emerald Island…

Spending a few days of my Easter holidays travelling through Ireland, I simply have to say that I am overwhelmed by the cultural heritage and the natural beauty of this green island.

I want to find time for a longer trip, maybe renting a car and driving through the beautiful countryside and along the rough coastline.

Here are just some impressions…