Es ist zwar noch etwas früh dafür, aber wir werden diesen Freitag Weihnachtskarten gestalten, mit Linoldruck und anderen Drucktechniken.

Wer Lust und Zeit hat ist herzlich willkommen!

Wo und wann? Am 07.11.14 um 18 Uhr bei Gudrun Stickler (Adresse siehe


Enjoying the Last Warm Autumn Days

One of my favourite places is this beautiful mountain lake not far away from my home town, called “Yew Lake”.

I took some pictures walking around the lake and then I hiked to the top of a a nearby mountain where I found this nice quote on a stone.

It says: Not the mind but the heart thinks up its way…


Autumnal Impressions

Sometimes I find it hard to believe how beautiful nature is.

The nuances of green and brown in the autumn forests, the beauty of the sun shining through the leaves, the gurgling of the small creeks and ponds…

You just have to take a walk and watch this amazing spectacle!

Open House Exhibition

Last Saturady we organised an open house exhibition at a friend’s place (if you are interested in textile art and tailoring have a look at her beautiful website

We invited some friends over and presented our different works of art - textiles, silver jewellery and prints.

It’s always good to set yourself a goal – mine will be to work for another small exhibition like that maybe next year…

Incredible India…

Having spent the last three weeks in India travelling the beautiful state of Rajasthan with all its smiling people, opulent palaces and ancient temples, lush vegetation and delicious, exotic food, I find it quite hard to settle in again.

It feels very comforting to experience a culture and a way of life so different from our western values and makes you see things in perspective again…

Cutting and Printing…

I’m doing quite a lot of printmaking at the moment for an upcoming exhibition in September.

So here is what I’ve done so far – basically different versions of plants in a pot.

First I printed the plants and then I printed a kind of frame around them using the monotype technique.

All of them were done without a press.